Free Play

I don't know if you've read Free Play, but I highly recommend it. It's about improvisation (improv), but it can be applied to any discipline or creative art form. I've been thinking about the process of creation, and as life evolves I see the working of the Spirit alive through my thoughts and the work … Continue reading Free Play


And it is

My whole life has revolved around church. To say that faith was a part of this journey is a true statement as well. I think faith has waned, and warm feelings about church are short-lived, but anyone in my circle of influence knows that a relationship with God is front and center to who I … Continue reading And it is

Stranger Things or Next Things?

I want to share a beautiful chapter from Caralyn's Bloom. It really connected with me. Here it is. Just do the next right thing Life is a gift - it is all grace. And when we compare ourselves and our situations to others, we become dissatisfied and lose sight of grace. Recovery can be really … Continue reading Stranger Things or Next Things?

Well Done

...begin to dream new dreams. Faith can rekindle old desires and create new hopes, replacing some of the old dreams we painfully watched die. Nicole Johnson You might think the following thoughts fall in line with Nicole's writings in the quote above from¬†Keeping a Princess Heart, and you'd be half right. I picked up that … Continue reading Well Done

Face Fear

I am a human being who fails daily. I've also had epic fails that effected other people, namely my wife and daughter. I never set out to affect these kinds of effects. Fear, hunger and physical exhaustion cause some of them. As life evolves I look upon the choices that brought me to where I … Continue reading Face Fear

Seeking the Savior

There is no greater purpose than drawing people into the presence of God. My friend David did that for us tonight. He started with Philippians 3.13-14. ...Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ … Continue reading Seeking the Savior

Crossing Thresholds

Forgiveness is a powerful thing many people fail to exercise. As a Jesus follower it's even more important. On a visceral level forgiveness is essential for unbelievers because unbelieving health professionals promote it for healing. If you harbor bitterness on any level your life will be miserable. As a believer the indwelling of the Holy … Continue reading Crossing Thresholds

Grinding Worth

My friend Jared's latest post is wonderful. Go read it here. Try not to compare yourself to anyone else. That's easier said then done. When we compare our sufferings to the more intense sufferings of others we feel guilty. That doesn't help me to get through what I'm facing. It creates a system of denial … Continue reading Grinding Worth