An Emmanuel Reflection

An open spirit is earned with trust. Jesus gives me trust even when I betray Him. I understand this on an intellectual level. There is not a human being on the planet I completely trust. My trust level with my wife is very high, but because of the fact that I "forced" her to go … Continue reading An Emmanuel Reflection


Epic Fails

Failure is on the docket today. Failure is a hard pill to swallow. But failure in my case has brought me to a better place. I'm tempted to list my failures, but I don't think that would be beneficial for any of us. I've been reading Marie Kondo's The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: … Continue reading Epic Fails

Some More Drivel

My friend Amy Bradford is a light in the darkness. Her battle with PTSD, and my battle with depression have made us two peas in a pod. Our conversations over the years have instilled in me a reality that I'm not alone. Depression makes you feel alone. It drives you to paralyzed fear, and when … Continue reading Some More Drivel

Another Favorite Word

  Stability and longevity are important to me too. There's simplicity in that isn't there? I think about the biblical passage that says you can't serve two masters, and many times in my life difficulty was born because I tried to serve two masters. Difficulty is born everyday, but when my attention is split it … Continue reading Another Favorite Word

Never Give Up

This blog was The Real Daniel before I retitled it Beyond Sad, but under both titles it's been about my struggle with clinical depression. I was medically diagnosed with depression in 2006 after I quite working for a local Coca-Cola bottling company. Here's that story. I was already on probation with my job when all … Continue reading Never Give Up