Odysseo by Cavalia

My friend Curt wrote this amazing review. I

The Frenetic Peripatetic

We were invited to view the Saturday, September 9th performance of Odysseo by Cavalia with complimentary media tickets. What follows is our review of the show, which took place under the white big top tent near Opryland Hotel during the show’s stay in Nashville, Tennessee.

From time immemorial, the bond between human and horse has influenced history to harbinger the rise and fall of empires through more efficient transportation and advancement in warfare.Now the harmony between horse and human brings audiences together to entertain and enthrall unlike any other live production. Odysseo, a touring, multimillion dollar production by Cavalia, takes audiences on a thrilling ride through physical artistry, scenery and music while deftly defying both gravity and the limits of imagination.

Odysseo harnesses creativity and grace in the form of 50 artists and 65 horses of 12 different breeds who rendezvous under the world’s largest traveling big top (125…

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It's amazing how we give away our power. Once again, shame rears its ugly head, and we let past fail control future success. I was somewhat successful last night at a football game in jettisoning past fails. Now when someone wrongs me I have a mantra, good or bad, I live by. Fool me once … Continue reading Shame

A Total Eclipse

I know what you're thinking. You mean you haven't deleted this account Daniel? I seriously was thinking about it, but then I thought where would I journal? Let's just say the Eclipse in Nashville, and Taylor's latest single gave me new perspective in this battle with clinical depression. Talking heads are limitless, but when God … Continue reading A Total Eclipse

The Well House

I've now been to The Well House Church twice. It's a movement of the Holy Spirit through Rob Touchstone. It's not for everyone. It's not a secret society, cult or manipulative religious movement to control your every move. It's a sincere search and open door community that meets people where they are at. It excludes … Continue reading The Well House

My Superpower

Krista Lauren

Seeing women supporting women is one of my favorite things in the world.

Something that has made my heart so incredibly full has been all the incredible support I have gotten from friends and family since announcing my new business with Rodan + Fields. I haven’t been able to work since I got sick with POTS right after graduating college, so having a job is a really exciting thing for me. I’m stoked to have something really productive and fun to do with my time, and I want to use this business to change the world. I know how ridiculous that may sound, but as someone who as suffered with pretty bad acne for years I know just how great it is when you are able to stop focusing on that and feeling confident in your own skin. Clearing my skin might not have changed the world at all, but…

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Chain Deletion

I am about to throw some chains off. It's intuition. Here are some other reasons why. The first one being that God if for me, and the ones after that from John Maxwell. Winners are less sensitive to disapproval and rejection - they brush it off. Winners think "bottom line." Winners focus on the task … Continue reading Chain Deletion