Hi Again

I know God is not wringing His hands in frustration that I haven’t posted here in awhile, so I bet you aren’t either.

Ecclesiastes says the writing of many books there is no end, so what does that say about blog posts? I apologize for not writing, but God speaks to us 24/7 even if a writer decides not to write for whatever length of time.

It’s past midnight right now in Nashville, and I’ve got to get up at 6, so this is going to be short. Plus the glass of red wine finally made me sleepy, so I’ll be able to go to sleep. I did go to bed at 10, but I was not able to fall asleep.

I wrote an overview for a cleaning protocol that I was pleased with, checked a checking account balance, and contemplated the beautiful post on Beauty Beyond Bones site. If you don’t subscribe to her amazing feed please do. You won’t be disappointed.

I love you all, and I hope you’re well.


Once Again Him

IMG_2801Sometimes when I come here I’m overwhelmed with the direction I can take any given post.

God loves me unconditionally, yet that does not condone my sin. As a faithful believer in Jesus Christ I do not spin my life circumstance to make room for the sin that separates me from Him.

I wrote the above two paragraphs several weeks ago, but they still hold true today. Funny that the 4th of July is tomorrow, and my family and I are enjoying a “Friday night” on Monday. It’s actually 10:20pm on Monday night, and I hear fireworks in the background that Lucy, my dog, could do without.

There’s been a lot of water under the bridge since I last shared with you wonderful people, and I hardly know where to begin. You’ve been there and done that and you have the t-shirt, so as I unpack my drivel bear with me.

I suppose the first thing that comes to mind is that I had to back out of my office lease only after 2 weeks of trying to make it work. I had to let my employee go, and I had to turn down a lucrative account because there was no way I was going to clean a whole club house and eight cottages on a golf course by myself.

My wife and daughter went to Chicago with my father-in-law preceding that, and there were some mental challenges during that week I’ll not elaborate on here . Maybe in a book. I’m of the age now that I’ve got enough sin and epic fails in my life that the lines on my face aren’t from studying all night in college for an important exam. No, these fails I carry with me to the grave, but thankfully I sense I’m a long way off from the grave. I’m not afraid to die, but some bridges burned are never rebuilt. I’m at peace with that.

I deleted all traces of my presence on Facebook because of this recent epic business fail, and I will not go into detail about that for legal reasons. Although legal is hardly the reason because under Tennessee law you can part ways with any employee at any time for any or no reason at all. It’s called at-will employment. Ask any payroll expert, attorney or accountant about it. But my conscience drives me to pay what I owe, and even though I may be way behind in paying my bills I always pay my bills. It’s the right thing to do.

I’m learning authentic manhood doesn’t demand perfection at any season of life, but it does provide perseverance as my LORD increases faith in the path of suffering. You cannot escape the path of suffering, but neither do I want to because when you travel the path of least resistance you become a patsy for evil. There is a line I will not cross.

I am fond of the quote that goes something like this. Failure is a chance to begin again knowing what not to do. If anything is certain it’s that I learn as much from failure as I do from the stories of books that reign accolades of praise upon men who seem to have conquered the world. Gives me another reason to be thankful that Facebook is no longer a black hole.

I may have been to a valley, and I suspect there are more valleys to come, but the mountain top experiences are delightful when I ascend from the valley, and I think I’m on my way to a mountain top.

Writing, speaking and sharing life’s struggles with other men views the valleys, but it transcribes a prescription for mountain top living. Seasons are bearable so long I have a routine in that protocol.

He walks with us nearer than we can possibly know, and even when there’s barely enough cash in your pocket for gas the overflow is there in His presence.


The Well House

I’ve now been to The Well House Church twice. It’s a movement of the Holy Spirit through Rob Touchstone. It’s not for everyone. It’s not a secret society, cult or manipulative religious movement to control your every move. It’s a sincere search and open door community that meets people where they are at. It excludes no one, and not only is it a jumping off point for those who are new to Christianity, but I think it could me a very deep place of discipleship for those who take the Great Commission seriously.

unnamed-2Salt and light do not call attention to themselves, yet they make a profound difference when they aren’t present. When the body of Christ gathers in any form or place powerful things happen, and the seeds planted in receptive hearts grow exponentially with the hope that only our Creator can give.

Evil is not new. Evil is actually very old, and we are all guilty of perpetuating it. All all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and these computers, iPhones, Androids, iPads and Microsoft Surfaces have increased the distractions we face.

There is literally only one thing that is needed. Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.

The Well House Church might be a place you can find that.


My Superpower

Single In The Suburbs

Seeing women supporting women is one of my favorite things in the world.

Something that has made my heart so incredibly full has been all the incredible support I have gotten from friends and family since announcing my new business with Rodan + Fields. I haven’t been able to work since I got sick with POTS right after graduating college, so having a job is a really exciting thing for me. I’m stoked to have something really productive and fun to do with my time, and I want to use this business to change the world. I know how ridiculous that may sound, but as someone who as suffered with pretty bad acne for years I know just how great it is when you are able to stop focusing on that and feeling confident in your own skin. Clearing my skin might not have changed the world at all, but…

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Chain Deletion

I am about to throw some chains off. It’s intuition. Here are some other reasons why. The first one being that God if for me, and the ones after that from John Maxwell.


  • Winners are less sensitive to disapproval and rejection – they brush it off.
  • Winners think “bottom line.”
  • Winners focus on the task at hand.
  • Winners are not superstitious – they say, “that’s life.”
  • Winners refuse to equate failure with self-worth.
  • Winners don’t restrict thinking to established, rigid patterns.
  • Winners see the big picture.
  • Winners welcome challenge with optimism.
  • Winners don’t waste time in unproductive thought.



As A Man Thinketh

img_0045Who am I when I’m alone? What do I do when no one is watching? That’s the real definition of who I really am. I hope it’s no different than when people are watching. I’m sure it is sometimes because I’m human, but I’d like to think I have a high level of integrity. And I do.

Life boils down to the thoughts we choose to dwell on, and what we do about those thoughts. We can’t control our thoughts, but we can control how much we meditate upon them. Here’s a spoiler alert. Thoughts lead to actions, so be careful what you allow to enter your mind. My friend Craig Eckstein taught me this. If you have a steady mental diet of bad stuff then your actions will reflect the bad stuff that goes into your mind. It’s elementary really. It’s not a difficult concept. What we allow to control our thinking will be what influences us. And the longer we allow negative, bad thinking to enter into our minds the more ingrained the habit becomes, and the harder it will be to break those defeating thoughts. Prevention becomes the key. I’ll compare it to an alcoholic’s battle with alcohol.

Once an addict admits to having a drinking problem many times the only solution to solve the addiction is to be a teetotaler. A teetotaler completely abstains from any kind of spirit. Drawing boundaries is essential in any endeavor to create a new habit.

If I am an alcoholic I do not condemn someone else for drinking, but I may not go out to eat with them if I can’t be around alcohol. If they are a true friend they will not condemn me either for choosing not to be with them as they drink alcohol. It’s a loving action that speaks volumes of concern and care for something that can literally destroy a life.

Thoughts destroy lives. We are who we are because of the thoughts we think as those thoughts lead to actions.

Think good thoughts. When you think bad thoughts, or you fight depression like me be patient with yourself because it won’t change over night, but it will change. When you stay the course, and desire to improve your life even in the face of failure no one can stop you from getting to a better place in life.

I’m living proof.


Keep On

cropped-cropped-tig_10111.jpgThis morning did not begin the way I wanted it to begin. I went to bed too late, so you have that. I had to reset my alarm when it went off at the normal time because I needed more sleep. We got off to school fine, and I picked Morgan up to head to our first stop. We cleaned the heck out of that house, and I take a lot of pride out of the extra mile to Old English furniture.

I’m unsatisfied with the present state of my business because it’s not where I want it. I’m trying not to be a pushy salesman, but people don’t know about your company unless you show and tell them. I need to drop my aversion to selling. I think I will. What they think is their problem. I’m going to balance my offense, and if they think it overkill I can read that and adjust. If it’s a text or email then they always have the right to delete it. I really don’t like being a jerk though, so I’ll make the necessary adjustments. I’ve come too far to give up now, and everything I ship is not going to cross the pond. That’s called life, and if I survived it before I’ll survive it again.

I’m moving on and winning I’d like to add.

If God is for me who can be against me?