Well Done

...begin to dream new dreams. Faith can rekindle old desires and create new hopes, replacing some of the old dreams we painfully watched die. Nicole Johnson You might think the following thoughts fall in line with Nicole's writings in the quote above from¬†Keeping a Princess Heart, and you'd be half right. I picked up that … Continue reading Well Done


Face Fear

I am a human being who fails daily. I've also had epic fails that effected other people, namely my wife and daughter. I never set out to affect these kinds of effects. Fear, hunger and physical exhaustion cause some of them. As life evolves I look upon the choices that brought me to where I … Continue reading Face Fear

Epic Fails

Failure is on the docket today. Failure is a hard pill to swallow. But failure in my case has brought me to a better place. I'm tempted to list my failures, but I don't think that would be beneficial for any of us. I've been reading Marie Kondo's The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: … Continue reading Epic Fails

Some More Drivel

My friend Amy Bradford is a light in the darkness. Her battle with PTSD, and my battle with depression have made us two peas in a pod. Our conversations over the years have instilled in me a reality that I'm not alone. Depression makes you feel alone. It drives you to paralyzed fear, and when … Continue reading Some More Drivel

Being Sure of What I Hope For

Life is about give and take, tradeoffs and forgiveness. I hope I give more than I take. I'm experiencing a tradeoff now as I choose to write rather than watch television. Forgiveness is a daily practice because I let myself down every day. Never mind the limitless times others let me down. As I said, … Continue reading Being Sure of What I Hope For

God Pursues Us All

My friend Caralyn is a brilliant writer, and her work at Beauty Beyond Bones is priceless. I can't wait to read her memoir Bloom that is in route to my house as I type this sentence. Her faith stands out for me in a sea of darkness that seeks to snuff it out. I know … Continue reading God Pursues Us All

Ask For Beauty

I am drawn to beauty. I don't know anyone who isn't. I've seen the jagged cliffs of Guam, the Sequoia's and Redwoods of California. I've been to the top of Pike's Peak and foolishly chased my brother Joel for maybe 30 yards before I bent over out of breath. I've seen the plains of Kansas, … Continue reading Ask For Beauty

Think On These Things

This past year, and I mean from August 2016 to present, has been a particularly harder time period than normal. I'm not going to go into detail about the circumstances and parties involved, but I do want to pause and share a passage of Scripture the Holy Spirit has put on my heart. ...Fix your … Continue reading Think On These Things

My Multiplication Table

I enjoy the escape television and movies bring me, but I enjoy the hope I receive more when you my friends interact with me here. I have two friends who recently commented on some recent posts, and it created some euphoria for me. One friend has been a friend since the seventh grade. The other … Continue reading My Multiplication Table