Face Fear

I am a human being who fails daily. I've also had epic fails that effected other people, namely my wife and daughter. I never set out to affect these kinds of effects. Fear, hunger and physical exhaustion cause some of them. As life evolves I look upon the choices that brought me to where I … Continue reading Face Fear



There are a thousand directions I can go with this individual post. A word has just come to mind that I want to unpack in the context of my own journey. That word is resistance. Resistance happens everyday for me. There are obstacles I have to overcome from waking up in the morning to going … Continue reading Resistance

Some More Drivel

My friend Amy Bradford is a light in the darkness. Her battle with PTSD, and my battle with depression have made us two peas in a pod. Our conversations over the years have instilled in me a reality that I'm not alone. Depression makes you feel alone. It drives you to paralyzed fear, and when … Continue reading Some More Drivel

A Lament

Going into the fray with your back against the wall is not a good journey. There are soldiers experiencing this in real time right now. I just experienced it in pre-trips to Target and Kroger. Those of us with depression take normal trips to the store with greater trepidation than "normal" people. It's just a … Continue reading A Lament

Thanksgiving 2017

There are some incredibly adorable little boys over at my parent's house this week for Thanksgiving, and as I think about gratitude I am thankful for the energy those little guys bring me. We've also even broken bread together before the big day. My sister-in-law Crystal said that she has 21 cousins that live within … Continue reading Thanksgiving 2017

Being Sure of What I Hope For

Life is about give and take, tradeoffs and forgiveness. I hope I give more than I take. I'm experiencing a tradeoff now as I choose to write rather than watch television. Forgiveness is a daily practice because I let myself down every day. Never mind the limitless times others let me down. As I said, … Continue reading Being Sure of What I Hope For

One Day At A Time

I've been thinking about taking one day at a time. Even for those who are "normal" this is a practice that is important for all of us. As you know I have a vision to publish my memoirs by May 2019, and I'd like to travel to Malibu to speak about it at the Pepperdine … Continue reading One Day At A Time

Think On These Things

This past year, and I mean from August 2016 to present, has been a particularly harder time period than normal. I'm not going to go into detail about the circumstances and parties involved, but I do want to pause and share a passage of Scripture the Holy Spirit has put on my heart. ...Fix your … Continue reading Think On These Things