Constrast Living

I just dropped two ladies off at the airport headed back to Manhattan. I gave a ride to a gentleman from Cuba who fought back from a debilitating injury. He broke his neck. To listen to his story in good broken English was amazing. The doctors told him four years ago he'd never walk again, … Continue reading Constrast Living


Deep Reflective Drivel

What happened in Parkland, Florida is pure evil. The loss of life was senseless, and though I'm privy to what all the talking heads are pushing this blog is about faith, depression and hope. I know there is evil among us. I sin daily, so I'm a part of it. Whenever I point a finger … Continue reading Deep Reflective Drivel

More Drivel

There are some incredible people here on WordPress. Thank you WordPress for providing a wonderful product and service where we can come to enlighten each other. When we exchange beliefs, ideas and experiences on here in peaceful ways we make the world a better place. Thank you to all of you who do that for … Continue reading More Drivel

Free Play

I don't know if you've read Free Play, but I highly recommend it. It's about improvisation (improv), but it can be applied to any discipline or creative art form. I've been thinking about the process of creation, and as life evolves I see the working of the Spirit alive through my thoughts and the work … Continue reading Free Play

Stranger Things or Next Things?

I want to share a beautiful chapter from Caralyn's Bloom. It really connected with me. Here it is. Just do the next right thing Life is a gift - it is all grace. And when we compare ourselves and our situations to others, we become dissatisfied and lose sight of grace. Recovery can be really … Continue reading Stranger Things or Next Things?

Face Fear

I am a human being who fails daily. I've also had epic fails that effected other people, namely my wife and daughter. I never set out to affect these kinds of effects. Fear, hunger and physical exhaustion cause some of them. As life evolves I look upon the choices that brought me to where I … Continue reading Face Fear


There are a thousand directions I can go with this individual post. A word has just come to mind that I want to unpack in the context of my own journey. That word is resistance. Resistance happens everyday for me. There are obstacles I have to overcome from waking up in the morning to going … Continue reading Resistance

Some More Drivel

My friend Amy Bradford is a light in the darkness. Her battle with PTSD, and my battle with depression have made us two peas in a pod. Our conversations over the years have instilled in me a reality that I'm not alone. Depression makes you feel alone. It drives you to paralyzed fear, and when … Continue reading Some More Drivel