Darkness Does Not Decide

Jason asked me about the memoir today. I told him not so much these days. Jon Acuff's Finish inspired me briefly, but alas it fell by the wayside again. You cannot expect greatness in any endeavor when you only do it when inspired. I think Jon has said and written that many times. Jason has … Continue reading Darkness Does Not Decide


Journal Entry: Church

I used to date my journal entries when I kept an ink and paper journal, but as I'm inspired by All Things Steph I'm going to start titling posts with random bits of drivel Journal Entry. Thank you Steph. I'm not at all saying Steph's blog is "random bits of drivel" because it seems quite … Continue reading Journal Entry: Church

What Cannot Be Lost

I am saddened by the senseless murders and injuries inflicted on innocent people in Vegas. Evil is real, and Satan is behind it all. My friend Joe Beam wrote a book called Seeing The Unseen. You may not feel like reading right now because of the terrible things that have happened from the hurricanes to … Continue reading What Cannot Be Lost

His Will For Mankind

Thank you Joe Beam for writing Seeing The Unseen. It gives me hope in light of the evil I face. Language is important when battling evil. The reason the Bible is living and active is because it's message is continually creating language such that is found in books like Seeing The Unseen. I'm not saying … Continue reading His Will For Mankind


It's amazing how we give away our power. Once again, shame rears its ugly head, and we let past fail control future success. I was somewhat successful last night at a football game in jettisoning past fails. Now when someone wrongs me I have a mantra, good or bad, I live by. Fool me once … Continue reading Shame

The Power of the Tongue

Being a writer is not easy. It's not easy for me because thoughts are sometimes a burden. I remember studying the book of Jeremiah in grad school, and I'd imagine he would concur. My life is a cakewalk compared to Jeremiah, but tormented thinking is nonetheless a part of what I struggle with daily. I … Continue reading The Power of the Tongue

An Apologetic

Today's Jesus Calling (June 10) reminded me of a class I had in college. Doug Varnado taught a class called Christian Mind and Devotional Life for 3 hours credit, and it was during that semester that a song really came to light deeply on my heart and mind. Here are the lyrics. I just want … Continue reading An Apologetic

True Peace

A sense of humor is important, but there are some subjects within the context of community and more personal relationships when it's too early to laugh. I do not need to take myself so seriously that I can't laugh at myself, but there is a time to take myself seriously as it pertains to overcoming … Continue reading True Peace

Bonnie Rose

This amazing woman is no longer with us, and it saddens me beyond words. Her Malcolm and Malcolm III are hurting deeply because now they have to go to Wilson Boulevard without her. I think what I loved most about her was her tireless desire to make the gospel attractive. Her talent for art at … Continue reading Bonnie Rose