A New Old Direction

Happy Memorial Day everyone, and I know for those who have lost loved ones in combat that this day is bitter sweet. I think about Kyle Balduf who lost his brother Marine Sgt. Kevin Balduf. Time doesn't heal all wounds, and so I pray for those who lost loved ones like Kyle and his entire … Continue reading A New Old Direction


Parkland, Florida

When loss happens to any organization the temptation is to give up. Our prayers are with Parkland, Florida as they grieve this terrible tragedy. Loss happens to all of us, but what defines us is whether we keep going or not. I'm not comparing my loss to the loss of the parents and families of … Continue reading Parkland, Florida

More Drivel

There are some incredible people here on WordPress. Thank you WordPress for providing a wonderful product and service where we can come to enlighten each other. When we exchange beliefs, ideas and experiences on here in peaceful ways we make the world a better place. Thank you to all of you who do that for … Continue reading More Drivel

Seeking the Savior

There is no greater purpose than drawing people into the presence of God. My friend David did that for us tonight. He started with Philippians 3.13-14. ...Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ … Continue reading Seeking the Savior

An Emmanuel Reflection II

The post yesterday was so revealing and negative I almost didn't post it. As I sit here with my second cup of coffee I want to share part two of An Emmanuel Reflection. The post could have been much more revealing and negative, so I do feel some sense of pride that I didn't completely … Continue reading An Emmanuel Reflection II

Another Favorite Word

  Stability and longevity are important to me too. There's simplicity in that isn't there? I think about the biblical passage that says you can't serve two masters, and many times in my life difficulty was born because I tried to serve two masters. Difficulty is born everyday, but when my attention is split it … Continue reading Another Favorite Word

Thanksgiving 2017

There are some incredibly adorable little boys over at my parent's house this week for Thanksgiving, and as I think about gratitude I am thankful for the energy those little guys bring me. We've also even broken bread together before the big day. My sister-in-law Crystal said that she has 21 cousins that live within … Continue reading Thanksgiving 2017

Being Sure of What I Hope For

Life is about give and take, tradeoffs and forgiveness. I hope I give more than I take. I'm experiencing a tradeoff now as I choose to write rather than watch television. Forgiveness is a daily practice because I let myself down every day. Never mind the limitless times others let me down. As I said, … Continue reading Being Sure of What I Hope For

God Pursues Us All

My friend Caralyn is a brilliant writer, and her work at Beauty Beyond Bones is priceless. I can't wait to read her memoir Bloom that is in route to my house as I type this sentence. Her faith stands out for me in a sea of darkness that seeks to snuff it out. I know … Continue reading God Pursues Us All

Think On These Things

This past year, and I mean from August 2016 to present, has been a particularly harder time period than normal. I'm not going to go into detail about the circumstances and parties involved, but I do want to pause and share a passage of Scripture the Holy Spirit has put on my heart. ...Fix your … Continue reading Think On These Things