The Pitcher’s Mound

It’s easy to miss the significant in the midst of the mundane. God is constantly at work, and pursuing mankind even in the midst of a girl’s softball game.

Unless the LORD builds the house the laborers labor in vain is what we learn from Psalm 127:1.

The Mt. Juliet team initiated the prayer with our Civitan girls, and as I looked upon these young ladies gathering at the pitcher’s mound in prayer I marveled at the presence of the Father who calls us all His children.

I grieve the loss of innocence and turning from faith the many in our nation are engaged in, but when I pause in wonder at a group of girls who pray after a double header on a Tuesday night I know our nation is in good hands.

God is not wringing His hands in Heaven wondering what to do with His creation. He didn’t even do that during the times of hedonistic Rome when civilization was much worse.

So long we teach our children to pursue the Father who pursues them 24/7 then we are seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all other things will be added.


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