Comparison Is The Enemy Of Contentment

Here it is again. Comparison is the enemy of contentment.

Stop comparing yourself to anyone.

I’m not saying if you want to be rich not to read Dr. Stanley’s books about millionaires. I’m not condemning anyone that sets goals, but I am saying that you are where you are because of nature and nurture. You are not an accident, and when you surf Facebook at the others who are “more” successful” than you then you sabotage your own success and happiness.

There will always be someone “better”, “richer”, “in better shape” and “better looking” than you. This is what you call narcissism, and it gets you no where.

I know because I battle this on a daily basis, but I’ve also spent the last decade coming to peace with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and who he has made me to be. I don’t settle for status quo, but I don’t beat myself up over some perceived Daniel Tomlinson life “failure.”

Bridges burn. Divorce happens. People become millionaires. Friends succeed. Family rejects you. You get a large inheritance from a deceased relative. Spend it wisely. A thousand things happen every day, and we over analyze it a plethora of times a day. We re-live the past like we eat lunch every day, but where the hell does it get us? Precisely.

Comparison was Satan’s primary weapon with Jesus when he tempted him in the desert. Jesus knows how you feel. He knows the pull of materialism, lust and power. He stared down the evilest of evil ones, and he won.

He will win again through us as we come to experience day after day his unconditional love for us.

Jesus loves us. He doesn’t love our money, muscle or mind. Those things are fleeting.

Get over them.

And if you can’t. Please get professional help. And also, I don’t post on here just to post. If you ever need a listening ear please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m not a professional counselor, but I care about people, and my pastoral background and life long struggle with depression makes me a good candidate to practice the presence of Christ as others have done for me.

Grace and peace.


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