Real Success

Perseverance is so important. Yesterday was a tough day, and I'm not going to elaborate on it except to say I had to tend to some payroll issues that did not resolve. Perseverance is painful when problems don't resolve, but I suppose it did resolve because I'm here writing about it. So much of persevering … Continue reading Real Success


A Writing Discipline

As I gaze upon the sites I follow on WordPress I tip my hat to the great writers who consistently write. Writing is hard work like being an entrepreneur. Brian Mansfield used to write about music for USA Today, and I'm sure he's been under the hammer to meet deadlines over the years. That's a … Continue reading A Writing Discipline

A New Old Direction

Happy Memorial Day everyone, and I know for those who have lost loved ones in combat that this day is bitter sweet. I think about Kyle Balduf who lost his brother Marine Sgt. Kevin Balduf. Time doesn't heal all wounds, and so I pray for those who lost loved ones like Kyle and his entire … Continue reading A New Old Direction

Deep Reflective Drivel

What happened in Parkland, Florida is pure evil. The loss of life was senseless, and though I'm privy to what all the talking heads are pushing this blog is about faith, depression and hope. I know there is evil among us. I sin daily, so I'm a part of it. Whenever I point a finger … Continue reading Deep Reflective Drivel

Parkland, Florida

When loss happens to any organization the temptation is to give up. Our prayers are with Parkland, Florida as they grieve this terrible tragedy. Loss happens to all of us, but what defines us is whether we keep going or not. I'm not comparing my loss to the loss of the parents and families of … Continue reading Parkland, Florida

He Knows My Name

Ministry and pastoral care are embedded in my DNA. As you know I grew up from Guam to Florida as my parents pastored churches. I went to a small liberal arts college in Nashville to become a youth pastor, and I also received a masters from that same university. Both degrees were in religion. I'm … Continue reading He Knows My Name

The Way, the Truth, the Life

I'm learning a little Italian. I bought a little travel companion at Black Dog Book Co. I've been concentrating on pronunciation. It all started when I asked a lady behind the counter at Joey's how to say you're welcome in Italian. My friends Tammy and Lewis worked for years in Milano, and I'm probably the biggest … Continue reading The Way, the Truth, the Life

An Empty and Full Heart

Rejection hurts on any level. I realize I've rejected others, but right now I'm consumed with the rejection I personally feel. Humor my narcissism. I need to lick my wounds. It might be the wine in my system, or it might be the end of a long hard week. Fact is I'm feeling really down, … Continue reading An Empty and Full Heart

More Drivel

There are some incredible people here on WordPress. Thank you WordPress for providing a wonderful product and service where we can come to enlighten each other. When we exchange beliefs, ideas and experiences on here in peaceful ways we make the world a better place. Thank you to all of you who do that for … Continue reading More Drivel